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Retiring Officially

Final Posts on - Retiring Officially @Warcraft #Retired #HuntersForever

If you’ve been following me on my Twitter account then you’re already more than aware that I announced officially (for real this time) that I’m retiring from playing World of Warcraft and with that comes blogging about it. I’ve enjoyed playing these last 5+ years. I’ve met some amazing people and had some really awesome moments, to be honest I did most everything I wanted to do in the game. To be…

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Playing World of Warcraft on Mobile

Now on Playing World of Warcraft on Mobile #AprilFools @Warcraft #NOwayReal? RT

When you head over to Google, or any Search Engine that you use, if you do a search for playing Warcraft on a mobile device, ISO or Android, you get a host of options, even an article saying that Blizzard did at one point played with the idea of playing World of Warcraft on mobile.

So the first thing you might be thinking, is this an April Fool’s joke? No it’s not and yes while I know what today…

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All-In-One Gold Making Route & Market Breakdown

Now on All-In-One Gold Making Route & Market Breakdown @Warcraft #WoWGoldMaking #GoldGuide RT

Over the last week I’ve been busy doing some charts with my goal and getting myself into a sort of route of making gold. As a result of doing this since 3/20/2014 I’ve notice a great deal of gold coming in. Some of you might have noticed that the old professions and character pages were removed and now redirect to a new setup page which features all my characters, their professions and their “rol…

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Boost to level 90!

Now on Boost to level 90! RT #WarcraftLevelBoost90 @Warcraft

It wasn’t too long ago I talked about going Horde, which I’m still sort of doing. The truth is I have nearly every class besides a warlock past level 60 and more than half of them at 85 and the rest between 65 to 80. I have a good grasp of every class in the game but a warlock. On that note, today I pre-order Warlords so I’ve got my [amazon text=free level 90…

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Are Hunters Doomed in 6.0?

Now on Are Hunters Doomed in 6.0? @TheBrewHall @Warcraft RT welcome Thanks :D

This is just a little theory I have about it and it comes from reading MMO Champion and just general wow news that has been coming out since Warlords of Draenor news has been coming out. Why would I think that hunters are doomed and what do I mean by that term?

Well I think that Hunters are going to if not already going to fall to the bottom of the chain in terms of being fixed, such as issues…

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For The Horde

Now on For The Horde #WarlordsofDraenor @Warcraft RT Welcome; Thank you!

I’ve been playing the game again, a whole lot however has changed. I’ve decided to move to a new server, one that’s the same as my old main server Darkspear, however its a connected realm.

Having the option of 33 characters on one server is going to be awesome. Right now I’m starting out with three toons, a hunter as my main, a warlock and a death knight. The reasons for the three choices are…

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A Change in Pace

Now on A Change in Pace

I haven’t been very active on here and the honest truth was I wasn’t playing the game anymore and the time I could have to play or write have gone elsewhere. Let me explain as this is going to affect the course this website is now going to be heading. In the last year I’ve been going through a bunch of changes in my life, at one point in my life I weight 405lbs, I was living at home, I didn’t…

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